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006 - Maintenance Needed

"Broken Coca Cola Machine"

"Zoomed in View"

January 8, 2020

Not quite broken. A cola machine sits around, waiting to be maintained. Spotted at a movie theater. Someone must have opened it, started to work, and then - inevitable distracted - forgot about it without finishing the work. It was there when the movie started, it was there when the movie ended. The staff walk by, either not caring or not knowing what to do.

Sometimes, the error is in forgetting to start things back up correctly. Passerbys get to see the digital plumbing.

When I see things like this, I am drawn like a moth to a flame. I’m interested in the technology used by Crew. I’m curious about Manual Override. Having back-of-house technology exposed like this is a very particular kind of error state.

by Roman
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