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Roundup 007, August 2020

Machine learning, machine vision, machine blindness. Plus, cloud infrastructure and VendorOps. [Continue Reading]


Roundup 006, July 2020

Deb Chachra: ‘Alone in my apartment, at dusk, I flip a switch to turn on a light. In that instant, not only are my individual senses augmented (now I can see at night), but I become part of a continent-spanning colossus. My reach extends out for thousands of miles, across a national border, encompassing a nuclear power plant, a massive hydroelectric project, scores of substations, thousands of pylons, and an incalculable amount of human expertise, skill, and labour.’ [Continue Reading]


Roundup 002, April 2020

Error States Roundup 3, April 2020: Machine Vision, Infrastructure, and more on Link NYC. [Continue Reading]