020 - Even Geek Squad 020 - Even Geek Squad 020 - Even Geek Squad
020 - Even Geek Squad

There’s a lot of reasons why a business might put up a screen (or a TV that mirrors a computer). It is eye catching! It can programmatically rotate and display information! It might cost more up front, but switching content out becomes fast and easy and inexpensive after that sunk cost!

But when a screen is misconfigured, it just looks bad.

This is especially true when it hangs under a giant “Geek Squad” sign, Best Buy’s concierge “we’ll technology your technology for you” team. Like a carpenter with a broken down house or a financial planner constantly on the verge of bankruptcy, it isn’t a good sales angle.

Of course, screens break for all sorts of reasons. I’m picking on Geek Squad because they’re the experts in setting these things up right, housed in one of the only stores that has everything you’d need to fix this!