Breaking Changes & API Degradation Breaking Changes & API Degradation Breaking Changes & API Degradation

See also this discussion components versus tools on hacker news:

Hinges - like everything else on CarpentryHub - are either in a state of permanent development or abandoned. So you design your project for Hinge 13.2, but then you come back a month later - just before you open your Etsy store - and discover that Hinge x.n has now become HingeOS, which is breaking change.

It also has its own HingeAPI, which is poorly documented, somewhere.

You were used to Hinge’s ScrewHole 5.3. But that’s now buried inside HingeAPI, which calculates your project budget and lifetime carbon footprint for you, but no longer accepts external screwhole positions, because it works its own values from the complex project specification you have to supply - defined in DirkLang, which is a hot new carpentry specification language only ten people know, and replaces HammerLang, which was fifty five years old and very popular but had a lot of frankly questionable design choices.

And the values HingeAPI returns aren’t mutable, because mutability is bad practice.

And also: regarding API degradations

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