Say "Bad Internet Connection!" Say "Bad Internet Connection!" Say "Bad Internet Connection!"
Say "Bad Internet Connection!"

A selfie booth in JFK Airport, promoting an opportunity to win tickets to a Broadway show. Just as well that it wasn't working – people who are flying out would find this too late, people flying in often just want to get out of the airport as fast as possible. Who is the target audience?

I took a photo because I found it interesting that there's not much in the way of proprietary tech here – it's a pretty simple implementation of loading a website with access to a webcam. When it works, I assume you get your picture taken, submit your phone number or email, and then get the photo (with some background editing or filter), and a lot of followup marketing.

Kind of brilliant in its simplicity... when it works. I'm surprised that there is no fallback or offline PWA to allow this to continue to run. I wonder how often someone comes around to check in that this implementation is working... remote device management (RDM) would probably not see it online...  are there analytics for this? Given that there were a bunch of selfie stations, would analytics notice that one is down? It's in the airport, so I assume the airport has a team that handles "marketing" initiatives like this, but I always wonder who specifically finds this and brings this up the chain of command? Because the marketing team is probably in an office somewhere and not in the airport itself, past TSA security.